graphic designer, associate producer: 2012-2013

Progression is an independent film written and directed by Gab Cody and Sam Turich.  I got involved with the project during pre production and took on a few roles. 

I created the film's graphic identity with the logo and illustrative style, which we not only used to brand the film, but also to market several fundraising events and initiatives.  In addition to the graphic design work, I also served as an associate producer, doing on set prep and management throughout the entire production.



As part of our fundraising, the producers and I organized an actual progressive dinner like the one the film was based on. We had over a hundred participants and twenty locations involved in the event. I designed the promotional materials as well as the event cards distributed to each attendee that explained where they would be dining over the course of the evening. I was heavily involved in the organization of the event as well securing food donations, home donations, and setting up the after party where a teaser for the film was screened.


the film’s website

I designed the illustrations and worked alongside a developed to create the website. We collaborated to create a site that would communicate the film’s neighborhood charm while also providing information about the film itself.

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In addition to the branding and marketing materials I created, I also worked on set securing locations, managing cast & crew schedules and generally being a fixer for whatever problems shooting on s shoestring budget brought us on a daily basis.

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